Our Produce

Here at Seville Butchers, we believe what we do pick is just as important as what we don't choose, and quality needs to start at the absolute source. We take it for granted, but it's something that sets us apart from so many other large butchers and supermarkets. The better news? We source everything right here in Victoria!

The way meat should be, no nasties!

Beef & Lamb 

The Gippsland region, extending from Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs to the New South Wales border, is known for its lush farmland, lakes and rivers... and some of the finest cattle in the country!  This makes it the perfect environment for our beef and lamb to be raised naturally.


Safe to say, we love the Yarra Valley! Not only is it home to your favourite butchers, but also many of the country’s best restaurants, wineries... and pork! Our friends over at Yarra Valley Berkshires have set out to create the most delicious pork on the planet the Gin Pig”, and that's something we can support! With a heritage breed of Berkshire Pigs they feed a diet of fruit and gin botanicals which naturally infuses flavour into the pork. They extend the ageing process and allow the pigs to spend their days grazing on quality grass pasture in open paddocks, able to dig and roam in a stress-free environment. Ultimately producing a succulent pork different to anything else on the market.


West of Melbourne just past Geelong, our chickens come from the rural township of Bannockburn. The fine folk at Bannockburn believe chooks should be free-range, antibiotic, and hormone-free... All points that we feel we're birds of a feather about!